Terms of Use



This is a brief, human-readable, summary of (and not a substitute for) the terms of use for the RIKS platform. 

We seek to update and improve the data on the RIKS data platform on a continuous basis and strive for the highest data quality. Nevertheless, the data is provided "as is" and we make no guarantees as to its accuracy. Users are warmly encouraged to alert us to any errors by sending an email to

You are free to use the data on this platform but are expected to give the appropriate credit and provide a link to the platform. Any alterations made to the data in this process should be clearly indicated. Please refer to the data in the following way: 

United Nations University Institute on Comparative Regional Integration Studies(UNU-CRIS), 2020, Regional Integration Knowledge System 2.0 (RIKS).


A link to the full terms of use can be found below: