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        Regional indicator

        This part of the website allows you to look up indicators of the level of integration of different agreements and sets of countries.


        Step 1: Choosing the indicator(s) from the collapsible menu
        Start with choosing one of the four categories: trade, migration, investment, or other Each type will then have several different types of indicators ranging from the more simple indicator (e.g. trade intensity) to more complex indicators (e.g. the trade introversion index).


        Step 2: Choosing the countries/agreements
        You can compute the indicators of integration for existing organisations and for user-defined groups. The only requirement int the latter case is that the group consists of at least two countries.
        Start to enter the name or part of the name of the country/organisation and then select the right one from the drop-down menu. Successfully selected countries/organisations will appear below the selection box. Repeat this process until all desired countries/organisations are selected. To remove a selected country, simply click on the “x" next to its name

        In order to compare different organisations or country groups, click the “add compare” button.


        Step 3: Defining a year-range.

        Select the years or year-range for which you want to see the indicator values. After filling in the fields, click on "add date" to confirm the selection. Multiple dates can be selected by repeating this step. 


        Step 4: Press the button “Show results” Using the results


        The right-hand side of the page will now show a table with the requested indicators. This table can be exported to a comma-separated file (csv).